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Polish for International Students

The Polish Language Center

The Polish Language Center of the Warsaw University of Technology runs courses in Polish language and culture for international students. We specialise in intensive courses which prepare students to start studying in Polish.
Our yearly course comprises of 600 hours of Polish classes with elements of Polish culture and history, together with some academic vocabulary. Our courses are run on the basis of the best course books and other top materials available on the market. 

Our classes are not only classroom-based. We often go to museums, sightsee Warsaw, organize Treasure Hunt games, watch Polish movies and celebrate various occasions.

We also run 60-hour and 120-hour monthly courses / in June and September/ which aim at preparing students for entrance exams at the Warsaw University of Technology or other technical universities. These courses focus not only on Polish language but also on revising some aspects of mathematics and physics and doing university entrance tests.

We offer 60-hour afternoon courses in Polish on different levels.

We can also prepare a tailored-made course catering for students’ particular needs and interests.

Our teachers are very competent, creative and passionate.

Teachers prepare their own materials for students, organise extra activities for them and offer support outside classes.
Thanks to Polish Language Center teachers’ commitment and the good atmosphere in our Center we have succeeded in creating a truly multicultural and multilingual community.

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