Warsaw Univeristy of technology (9)

Our teachers

  • All teachers working for the English Language Center at Warsaw University of Technology are both qualified and experienced. They have graduated from various colleges and universities in Poland or abroad and hold degrees entitling them to teach English as a foreign language.
  • Our teaching staff have years of experience working both in Poland and elsewhere with students from different countries and cultural backgrounds, and as such they are sensitive to cultural differences and aware of individual needs and the challenges students face when studying a foreign language abroad.
  • The team consists of 20 teachers working at the center who cooperate closely with one another on a daily basis, sharing knowledge and exchanging experiences. They also take part in a variety of workshops and conferences (both as participants and as speakers) developing their skills and broadening their knowledge.
  • In regular feedback that students give on studying at the English Language Center at Warsaw University of Technology, most of them appreciate not only their teachers’ professional attitude towards their job, but also the fact that they are friendly and helpful.

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