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General information about Poland

The Republic of Poland lies in the central Europe and is one of the largest countries on the continent. At the moment, Poland has around 38 million citizens. More than 94 percent of the people are Poles, with small groups of Ukrainians, Belarusians, Germans, Slovaks and Lithuanians.  The capital of Poland is Warsaw with approximately 1,720,500 inhabitants. Poland is divided into 16 provinces (voivodships) each run by local government.

Poland is a member of some important international organizations, such as: the United Nations, NATO and the Council of Europe and since 2004, a member of the European Union. Polish is a Slavic language and it is not easy, but English is the most popular foreign language in Poland and especially in large cities you will have no problems communicating.

The currency in Poland is zloty, but in some hotels and restaurants it is possible to pay in Euros.