Warsaw Univeristy of technology (9)

Before coming

A majority of you are going to study here full-time, so you will be staying in Poland for at least 10 months. Deciding on what to bring with you will be an important issue. You most probably will want to bring as much as possible, but please try to take only the most practical things, as you will be able to buy everything you need here in Poland. There are a lot of shops with products from all over the world. What you should also bring with you are the things that will remind you of home, such us: photographs, books, your favourite CDs, DVDs, and recipes.

If you take medication, carry it in your hand luggage. It should be clearly labelled and if you have any prescriptions, then you should also have them with you.

Make sure you have packed all the necessary documents:

  • travel ticket
  • proof of sufficient funds to stay and live in Poland
  • Letter of Admission and  / or Letter of Acceptance
  • contact details for the Warsaw University of Technology and /or relatives/friends in Poland
  • any medical records, vaccination certificates and x-ray reports as recommended  by the Polish embassy or
  • consulate in your home country
  • any insurance documents
  • any other documents which your local Polish embassy or consulate instructed or advised that you take with you
  • 4 passport-sized photos

It is advised that you make 2 photocopies of all your documents – leave one copy with your family at home and take another one with you.

If you are a non-EU citizen, then upon your arrival at the airport you will first have to pass through passport and immigration control. Keep your passport, visa and all other important documents (for example your Letter of Acceptance, proof of booked accommodation, proof of adequate finances etc.) ready at hand.

Remember Note down the phone number of our office (+4822 234 73 08 or +4822 234 55 71) in case you need to contact us at the airport. Once you have passed through passport control, you can collect your luggage and proceed through customs to the arrival hall.