Warsaw Univeristy of technology (9)

Our support before your arrival

After you have contacted us by email or phone you will get the following assistance during the registration process:

  • answers to all your questions about the registration process,  our English preparatory courses and English Language Center of Warsaw University of Technology
  • once you are sure you would like to register for our English course, you will be sent a registration form and asked to complete it and return it to us by email together with a copy of your passport 
  • we will create your account in our online placement test and send you the password to this test. You will be asked to do the test in order to check your level of English
  • we will prepare your contract for the course, return it to you, ask you to sign it and send it back to us by mail
  • we will give you instructions on how to make the payment and ask you to transfer the registration fee
  • once the contract has been signed and your payment has been transferred, we will prepare the necessary papers for you to apply for a Polish visa, these will be sent to you via email
  • then you will have to arrange a visa interview in an appropriate office in your country and to inform us of the date of this interview. If you wish, your visa documents with the confirmation of the status of your application can be sent by  email to the place of your interview directly before your interview
  • we will provide you with instructions on how to apply for accommodation in one of the university’s dormitories
  • directly before the beginning of your course you will be given all the necessary instructions as to what to do when you arrive in Poland, and how to get around

Upon your arrival in Poland

  • please come to the OJA office (the English Language Centre office) with your passport and the two original copies of your signed contract. You will be asked to give us your Polish telephone number and your current email address /as you will be sent all key course information by email/
  • we will provide you with the information about your accommodation /its location, times of checking in and how to get there/
  • on the same day, or on a scheduled day/ you will take both written and a short oral placement tests to assess your level of English and to assign you to a suitable group
  • you will be given your class timetable and other necessary materials.  It may occur that early on in the course you will be placed in a different group more suited to your level.

During the course

  • once your teachers confirm that the group you have been assigned to matches your level, you will be given a course book and a workbook
  • please remember that only your regular class attendance, efficient classroom work, homework assignment completion and regular study for tests and module exams can help you pass your final exam and prepare you for studying in English. On our part we will monitor your attendance and progress in order to support you in your English learning process and to draw your attention to the areas where improvements is advisable
  • depending on your Polish visa expiry date, you should begin your Polish residency card application process
  • if you have any questions or problems, you can contact our office by coming to room 45 or by email, text message, on chat, on our webpage or Facebook. We will do our best to help you
  • engaging in an active social life is also an important part of your English language course and stay in Poland. It will offer you the opportunity to meet new fascinating people and visit interesting places