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Places to see in Poland

Each country has its own special places.

Poland is no exception. You should not leave one of the most beautiful countries in Europe, without visiting the places below:

  • Kraków – the former capital of Poland, a magical city with splendid architecture and art treasures, and an exciting nightlife.
  • Wrocław - the capital of Lower Silesia with numerous historical places, entertainment facilities, and multi-ethnic influences.
  • Poznań – according to various rankings the best city to live in Poland and the largest economic centre. It is also a centre of industry, commerce, logistics and business tourism. The most attractive place to invest in Poland.
  • Trójmiasto – an urban area consisting of three cities: Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot. The whole area lies on the coast of the Baltic Sea and is known for its numerous festivals and events. The city combines historical buildings with new industrial areas.
  • Kazimierz Dolny – a very beautiful small town with a distinctly bohemian ambience.
  • Zakopane – beautiful, serene, a small town in the Tatry Mountains with magnificent scenery, charming architecture and colourful folk culture, a place that everyone should visit to feel the Polish highlander spirit.
  • Bieszczady – mountains in the south-east of Poland with forests, plants and animals that are rare in other parts of Poland.
  • Mazury – land of a thousand lakes. If canoes, windsurfing, boats, campfires, guitars are your thing, you will adore this place!
  • Puszcza Białowieska – clean air, mighty oak trees, rare birds, insects and plants, wild animals freely walking among the trees of the virgin forests – this unique place is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.