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The Online English Summer Course

In these difficult and unpredictable times of a pandemic, we must all stay at home more than we would like. However, we can use this time to get ready for life after coronavirus. To help you prepare, we are happy to be able to offer an online English summer course that is designed for students like you who,

  • would like to give their English a boost and obtain a certificate at the CEFR* B2 level
  • want to apply for undergraduate and graduate study programs in English, both in Poland & in other countries in the near future

* the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, see



Course date: July 2021 – September 2021

Tuition fee: 5 040,00 PLN

The online English summer course:

  • lasts 10 weeks, from July to  September
  • has daily sessions of 4 periods of 45 minutes each, five days a week, a total of 240 hours
  • will start online or stationary - depends on the decision of the government and Rector
  • runs on the MS Teams platform
  • is run by well-qualified and experienced teachers, both Polish and native speakers
  • provides participants with the course materials
  • offers  B2 First examination practice
  • includes the elements of Academic English for students who want to apply for undergraduate and graduate courses
  • gives you a true understanding of what it is like to study at university because the English Language Centre is the part of Foreign Language Centre of Warsaw University of Technology
  • gives you the opportunity to be taught by language teachers of Warsaw University of Technology


Application dates: 3rd May 2021 – 11th June 2020


 For more information from our support team click here.