Warsaw Univeristy of technology (9)


Warsaw is the capital and the largest city of Poland, and at the same time an important centre for science, culture and politics in Central Europe. The city is located on the Vistula River about 260 km from the Baltic Sea and 300 km from the Carpathian Mountains. Warsaw has a population of approximately 1 720 500 people – it is the 7th most populous city in the EU.

Warsaw is a major international tourist destination and a leader in the national economy, and is one of the most important business and industrial centres in the region with numerous foreign investors. Throughout its history it has seen much warfare and was largely rebuilt after its near total destruction in World War II.
Warsaw is a city with the largest number of universities – there are altogether 66 of them. Higher Education Students (university students) account for nearly 30 % of the city’s population.

The capital of Poland is a place where cultures from all continents meet. This is reflected in the atmosphere of cross-cultural tolerance and cosmopolitism. As a result, a great number of people from all over the world seek employment and business opportunities in Warsaw.

Warsaw is also considered to have the most exciting and richest nightlife of all cities in Poland. There are hundreds of pubs, clubs, discos, concert halls, cultural centres to choose from. People of all tastes will find something here for themselves