Warsaw Univeristy of technology (9)

Our students

Our students:

  • come from many countries  spread over four continents /Europe, Asia, Africa and South America/ 
  • recommend our center to their friends and colleagues, which contributes to the continuous growth of the number of students joining our English courses
  • feel privileged to study in the center which is a part of  the Warsaw University of Technology
  • often  ask us for assistance in matters connected with their stay in Poland because they are confident that we will always do our best to help them
  • get to know Warsaw and its attractions through numerous and diverse sightseeing trips and social events
  • visit other fascinating Polish  towns and travel to many European countries
  • generally decide to stay in Poland and continue their education at a Polish university
  • regularly give  us very positive feedback about both  our English courses and our center
  • recommend our center to their friends and acquaintances, which in turn boosts enrolment

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