1-Year English Preparatory Course for International Students

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Would you like to apply for undergraduate or graduate programmes of studies in English in Poland?

If so, this course caters for your needs!

Beginner students starting this course at A0 level will finish at B1 one level. For those students at B1 level we offer the possibility to enrol for an additional summer course that will finish with a exam at B2 level before the new academic year at the end of September.

Successful B2 students will receive B2 certificates which will allow them to apply for studies at Polish Universities.

Duration of the course:  9th October 2017 – middle of June 2018

  • 4 lessons of 45 min a day, five days a week, a total of 600 hours, divided into 3 separate modules;
  • all the four language skills practised (as well as skills necessary to pass an exam at the end of each module);
  • coursebooks with CD-Roms that allow for extra hours of students’ independent work;
  • course schedule adjusted to the needs of a particular group;
  • course run by two or more teachers (both Polish and native speakers);
  • 3 modules in a year;
  • a module exam at the end of each module;
  • a possibility to attend technical lectures in English at Warsaw University of Technology;
  • classes of Polish language and culture;
  • teachers from the Foreign Language Centre of Warsaw University of Technology;
  • coursebooks included in the price of the course;
  • social events.
Starting level Hours Price
A0/A1/A2/B1/B2  600 13 950 PLN


Application dates:   3rd April 2017 – 30th September 2017

    • Application open from 3rd April : Summer English Course [klik]


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